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My husband and I have the pleasure of owning 45 acres 1 mile south of Eckville Alberta. Our property boarders a river with views of the Dark Horse Golf Course. The Farm has undergone many changes to accommodate our passion "The Critters". We have 10 horses and 1 mule that we ride in the mountains. They share the farm with five special cats that contain any mice problems. We also have a hen house full of chickens that provide fresh eggs. For many years we raised up to sixty hair sheep on the farm but decided we needed to bring down the work load.

The biggest change is The Dawgz House, a licensed breeding kennel with the county. It consists of a 14x67 mobile home with a 14x27 addition. There is a 12x40 attached building with concrete floors and large windows to let in natural light so that the pooches don't have to worry about the elements when they go outside to do their business. Each inside run has their own outside area under large willow and poplar trees. We will be offering a DO-IT-YOURSELF DOG WASH called UDIRTYDAWG that will be open to the public in the spring of 2013.  Our pack of four legged canines have taken over our living space so we decided to give them a Home away from Home...it's only a hundred feet away with in-home camera security so during the night we can still see and hear everything if they need us.  

We have been breeding Pugs and Bostons for 10 years with an outstanding reputation. Louise was surrounded by dogs and many other animals since birth and was very involved in their care. Aside from the many other animals in her care she continued her passion with dogs in her adult life as a dog groomer and later working in doggy day care facilities and in home dog boarding. She has always had first hand knowledge of dog breeding as her father was also involved in dog breeding and training dogs for Police work in Holland prior to immigrating to Canada after WWII. Louise has a passion for high quality family friendly pets that bring joy to people and dogs alike.

Another adventure that is in the early stage is breeding Bostralians. Popeye our newest stud will be the foundation for our Bostralian breeding program. He is 94% Boston Terrier and 6% Australian Shepherd and has been seven years in the making.  Having a huge passion for the Boston Terrier we found this cross with the Australian Shepherd a great mix to keep the "no fuss" short hair, but has a double coat (Boston Terrier is a single coat) that sheds little twice a year. You will get an average size from our line anywhere from 20 to 30 lbs. and 15 to 17 inches at the shoulder. This will vary depending on parentage. They will have the same intelligence from both breeds, loyalty from both breeds, and best of all...... great with kids when introduced and socialized properly. If you go to Popeye's page you will find photos and information, if not just for curiosity alone.

Each puppy comes with a veterinary certificate of health. We firmly stand behind the health and temperament of our dogs, and offer a replacement health guarantee as detailed in our Sales Contract. We are very proud of the quality of our puppies and the quality of the homes into which they are placed.

Very Important

If we have made an appointment for you to visit our Pugs/Bostons/Bostralians we ask that you please not visit other dog breeders/kennels before coming to our farm as Parvo, Distemper, Coccidia, Kennel Cough, parasites (worms), and many other diseases can be carried on your hands, clothes and shoes ~ and then easily transmitted to our puppies.  We have worked extremely hard to maintain a very clean and healthy environment for our puppies so that those whom adopt from us will have a healthy happy puppy when the time comes...  Thank you for your assistance in advance. :)

Howard and Louise



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