Before you get a Pug, ask yourself the following questions: 

1)  Can you tolerate a dog who won't stay off the furniture?

           Pugs believe in sharing all furniture!            

2)  Will you be happy living with a dog that sheds fur all year long ?                  

           Shedding is even heavier in early spring and fall.               

3)  Do you mind a dog who constantly invades your personal space -

         Pugs normally always want to be on your lap!                

4)  Pugs have an  "I go where you go"  policy; they follow you

       From room - to - room - to - room - to - room - to - room - to -room . . . .            


5)  No Privacy with a Pug in the house! Pugs simply don't believe in privacy.

       You'll need a good solid bathroom door if you want to "go " alone.


6)  Snoring!  Pugs snore when they're asleep . . . And often when awake as well.


7)  Exercise - Pugs are not built for endurance or stamina. If you are an active person,

           Then a Pug may not suit you. Pugs are not a good choice for a running partner and

           Pugs are not built for running beside a bicycle either. 

8)  Pugs are not tolerant of heat. Never leave a Pug (or any dog) in the car on a warm

         Or sunny day.  During hot weather, Pugs need to be kept cool and exercised

         only during the cooler times of day.


9)  Pugs clear their nasal passages by expelling air forcefully through their nose;

           This usually happens when you have your face near their face.  

           Will you mind having "Pug Snot " blown into your face multiple times each day ?        

10)  Pugs are a breed created to be a companion dog. Pugs crave the company of people;

          Pugs don't enjoy being left alone for long periods of time.  If your lifestyle necessitates

          leaving your Pug alone for more than 6 hours, do you plan to make arrangements to

          break up the monotony of a long, lonely day for your Pug ? Loneliness and boredom

          can cause Pugs to bark excessively, become destructive chewers or even house-soil.

          Many working Pug owners enroll their Pugs in doggy day-care or leave them with a

          dog-sitter, friend or family member while away from home.          

11)  Pugs can gain weight easily; they need a premium diet and healthy treats. 

12)  Pugs nails grow very fast and need to be trimmed often.

13)  Pugs have a facial folds in which dirt & loose fur often collect.  If not kept clean, 

         The skin in a Pugs facial folds can quickly become sore, irritated and infected.


14)  With their flat face, a Pug's eyes are more vulnerable to injury as they have

          No muzzle to part long grass or deflect the claws of an anoyed or angry cat.

15)  Pugs have small mouths and short teeth which may be crowded.

         Pugs need their teeth & gums checked often .  Teeth should be

         brushed daily and kept free of tarter to prevent gum disease or infection.

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